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About Us

The story of turning ones avocation into a vocation is as old as time itself. You have to begin somewhere and Best Darn began with a bag of 18 varieties of beans and a tempting recipe to go along with them, and voila! a business was born.

Two good friends and neighbors at the Jersey Shore began to build on this humble endeavor over 30 years ago with shared recipes of soups, dips, spreads, cornbread, and deserts. Now with the next generation coming into the business we will continue to develop new recipes to add to our ever growing Product List. We make it easy for you to bring the taste of delicious homemade foods to your table in minutes with minimal effort.

All of our mixes are made without salt or preservatives. All of our recipes can be altered to suit your dieting needs. Fat free products can be substituted or low sodium broths.

Be creative and experiment!

Thank you for buying our products, we are sure you will come back for seconds!

Best Darn Foods,LLC
PO Box 192
Bay Head, NJ 08742

(732) 899-0782

All products are available for purchase online. Payment can be made via PayPal using your debit card or all major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

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